eCig Smoking During Pregnancy

This site is dedicated to finding the truth about smoking ecigarettes while pregnant. Everyone knows that smoking normal cigarettes can lead to premature births and birth defects, but what about the popular ecigs? Can the nicotine inside an ecig cause pregnancy complications? All signs point to “yes”, but to be sure we wanted to explore various theories that pertain to smoking while pregnant. Can you give yourself an abortion by smoking ecigs? The answer is “no”, in fact it will probably have the same effect if you were to smoke a pack of cigarettes a day. But in order to see if our theory checks out, we consulted with the leading abortion site in the world.


Their answers were not surprising at all. When taken into consideration that the average ecig contains nearly twice the amount of the average cigarette, it’s important to recognize that the baby could be born addicted to nicotine. This includes birth defects as well as low birth rate. One of the leading studies done by WebMD suggest that most women who are pregnant think smoking ecigs are safer than regular cigs (study). It found that over 57% of women have this corresponding belief in the safety of these electronic cigarettes. One of the doctors suggested that there is ample evidence that the leading chemical in ecigs (nicotine) is responsible for abnormal brain development in animals. While this has not conclusively been proven to be true for humans, generally speaking most medical studies fall along this lines of thought: “What’s not good for the guinea pig is not good for the human.”

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The question regarding whether cigarette patches and the “stop smoking pill” (Chantix) are healthy when someone is pregnant is also a moot one. Doctors recommend you do NOT take Chantix or any other brain chemistry altering pill when you are pregnant. Since your baby shares the same DNA as you, they will be ingesting whichever substances you ingest. Same goes for the cigarette patch. Since your baby is connected to your bloodstream via tubes and capillaries, it’s common sense that once the nicotine in the stop smoking patch reaches your system, your baby will become addicted in no time.

There were also studies that have shown that certain brands of ecigs contain heavy metals such as chromium, mercury as well as tin and lead. These are most likely manufacturing byproducts, yet you are still ingesting them into your system each time you vape. It is no wonder that these chemicals can cause major complications in pregnancies, so it is best you avoid vaping while pregnant. Second hand vape smoke also contains trace elements of heavy metals and if you are sitting in the same car as someone who is vaping, it is advisable that you request that they stop immediately, or if they refuse to, then you should open a window so that you and your baby are not inhaling the same toxins as they are.

In conclusion, vaping has not been shown to be a safe alternative to smoking cigarettes when pregnant. In fact, it could be worse due to the false sense of security that most women report feeling when they are asked whether they think vaping while pregnant is safe. Can it cause an abortion? The answer is most likely not. What it could cause is major complications for the pregnancy, which in this authors mind is far worse than any abortion out there.