Vaping and V2 ecigarettes

All this material that accumulates (mucus, bacteria, viruses, tar) tends to become infected. That’s why those who smoke easily develop gradually acute bronchitis which occasionally turns into a chronic and continuous form with the passage of time; the tar and poisons that accumulate in the lung leading to the development of tumors. These are all risks that can be greatly reduced by using V2 ecigs even if you can’t quit smoking altogether.
The Bloodstream
Smoking increases the blood pressure and heart rate. There is also a greater risk of clogging of the arteries. Adding these two consequences resulting in double the risk of both heart attack is death from cardiovascular disease. This is a state that will be eliminated because V2 ecigs do not use smoke.
Smoking damages the coronary arteries and blood vessels throughout the body, making it more difficult for the flow of blood through them. In extreme cases one develops a disease called Burger disease. In this condition, the blood flow is altered so that the extremities (fingers, feet, legs) no longer get blood and can lead to gangrene and then need to be amputated.
More frequently what happens is a gradual deterioration of the circulation which is manifested by a condition called “intermittent claudication”. When walking you start to feel muscle pain (especially in the calf) that forces you to stop. This happens because the muscle during movement, does not have the blood necessary for its oxygen demand. As time passes the ability to walk without pain decreases so as to force the sufferer to stop more often. The next stage is the development of ulcers and then of gangrene of the lower limbs. This often leads to amputation of the leg or foot. This is an extreme effect of smoking, something that can be done without by using V2 ecigs.
Outward appearance of a smoker
In 1985 Dr. Douglas Model was able to identify smokers only by watching them. We are sure his findings would have been different if the subjects were using V2 ecigs. He described some modifications of the face caused by smoking, including:
1. An increase of wrinkles around the eyes, mouth and cheeks;
2. A pulled appearance of the face and bones;
3. Change of skin color that appears more dull and gray or tending to reddish.
4. Given that smoking alters the hormonal balance of the body it also changes the distribution of adipose tissue, favoring the deposit in the abdomen.
Men’s issues
We just said that smoking impairs blood flow. This also occurs at the level of the penile circulation causing a diminished erectile capacity. The spraying causes a decreased local tissue damage and resulting in a lower elasticity. This comes from an early age and the damage is not permanent only if you stop as soon as possible. The smoker has a 50% increased risk of impotence. Spermiogram of smokers showed less vitality and lower sperm count.
Besides the damage that smoking causes to the sperm DNA increases the risk of fetal malformations.

Women’s issues with vaping

This list is long but a lot of it can be mitigated by the use of V2 ecigs. Women suffer not only of many of the male issues, but also to additional risks.

    1. The pill: smoking and the pill do not get along. Their combination greatly increases the risk of blood clots, stroke, and other cardiovascular problems. This is especially true for women more than 35 years.
    2. V2 ecigarette discounts – Used widely by many people trying to quit smoking.
    3. Breast cancer and other cancers: the risk of breast cancer is increased by 400%. Also the frequency of other cancers (the uterine, cervix and the vagina) is higher than normal;
    4. Heart disease: do not think it is a problem only of men. The female smokers, likely due to the effects of nicotine on the hormonal profile, have a significantly increased risk;
    5. Doubles the risk of miscarriage;
    6. It increases the chance of infection of the fallopian tubes and ectopic pregnancy;
    7. Higher incidence of birth defects in the newborn;
    8. It increases the risk of placenta praevia (need for caesarean section because the placenta covers the cervix) and placental abruption (detaches from the uterine wall or death for both the fetus and the mother);
    9. It decreases birth weight. Children of smokers weigh about 250 grams less than those of nonsmokers. This is due to carbon monoxide which reduces the oxygen supply to the fetus
    10. It increases the risk of apnea and sudden infant death.