V2 ecig study on vaping health

A sportsman smoker is a greater victim of the damage of smoking than a sedentary smoker. First comes a greater fatigue, since the carbon monoxide inhaled due to the combustion of tobacco leaves, reduces the presence of oxygen in the blood and if it comes from that the muscles do not have what to burn. The oxygen cannot reach the muscles, with a consequence, hemoglobin partial block. The flow of blood to the muscles not only decreases but also to the brain and of course the cardiovascular apparatus.

The lungs of course begin to produce phlegm and breathing becomes more complicated and difficult. It significantly reduces lung ventilation, consequently your body exploits anaerobic metabolism, thus producing more lactic acid. At first glance we continue to smoke because nicotine reaching the brain releases substances that appear to have an anti-stress effect. This is exactly why it is difficult to quit smoking. V2 ecigs provide another alternative to the traditional cigarette. Another benefit to using V2 is the ability to use V2 coupons and promos when you purchase your eliquid and vaping pens.

This situation alters the biological conditions of the organism. All this leads to the consequence of course that smoking overloads the heart and circulatory system, increasing heart rate and blood pressure. This circumstance can lead to having cardiac arrests. In the long term they have the negative effects brought about by these later mentioned in the short-term, just as chronic decline in lung function, shortness of breath. For the youngest the development of lung functions can be delayed. Not counting the respiratory infections, the increase in lung cancer risk and the increase in cough. Smoking is really dangerous and V2 cigs can water down the risks to an almost negligible level.

Not all people know that there is even an increase in wound healing time and the difficulty to control their weight. In fact smokers who have such fractures of the tibia need as much as 4 weeks longer than non-smokers to heal and sometimes do not heal at all. For weight, the first to worry about are the men who smoke because of a lower daily energy expenditure than non-smokers. Switching to V2 e-cigarettes can save one from these outcomes.

The first damage to consider when it comes to cigarettes is made by carbon monoxide. It is produced by the incomplete combustion of tobacco leaves, its dangerousness is due to the fact that there is an incomplete combustion of tobacco leaves that goes to remove oxygen which may have entered the blood. Consequently it happens that the body has less oxygen to burn; in a nutshell it is useless to blame the body or failure to exercise when we climb the stairs and we lose our breath if we smoke 7 cigarettes a day. We have lost the normal flow of blood that should reach the nervous system, the lungs and consequently the heart. This is a distinct absence in V2 ecigs.

Despite the knowledge of the damage in 2013 people still continue to smoke, this is due to addiction, which can be of two types, both physical and psychological. You can curb your addiction to nicotine gradually by using V2 ecigs which comes with different levels of nicotine content to wean you off easily.

The physical is due to the reaction of nicotine on the nervous system which releases rewarding substances which then lead consequently to addiction. This substance takes the name of dopamine, a totally natural substance. Therefore more people smoke and feel the need to continuously keep smoking.

The psychological is due to a nervous factor, it is the gesture to make a difference and to calm a state of stress. In practice, a moment is just what is called sucking, or the act of putting the cigarette in your mouth that very vaguely resembles the act of sucking milk. It is an instinctive gesture that brings security and peace of mind, a gesture that we love doing what we lost in thought or worry. A gesture that does anyone even those who do not smoke, some good as evidenced by people who put the cap of a pen in their mouths, chew gum, suck on candy, biting their lips, sticking their thumb in their mouth and other similar gestures. So essentially the dependence eventually becomes psycho-physical, since all these elements are to be summed up.